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Best Scrum Master Certification in 2021

Firstly, you need to understand that finding the best scrum master certification is about striking an excellent balance between budget, quality, validation, and time taken to procure the certification. Secondly, a high-quality, professionally-relevant scrum master certification would eventually allow you to manage the Scrum framework and the existing team better, especially when events and roles are concerned.

Here are some of the best options to consider for your scrum master certification requirements:

PSM or Professional Scrum Master Certification is segregated into three levels. While the first level, priced at USD 150 as the examination cost, should be a good start, the best part is that there are no prerequisites to sit for this examination. However, a 2-day preparatory course, priced between USD 1,095 and USD 1,495, is an excellent way to gather adequate expertise.
Certified Scrum Master training course and the relevant certification examination are priced at USD 1,200 and USD 150. Besides, this is one of the best Scrum Master training modules, courtesy of the ease of completion and relevance to the supportive courses such as the CSP, CSPO, CSD, and more. Also, the equivalent passing score for CSM certification is close to 70 per cent.

SMC allows you to get the Scrum Master Certification online for an elevated fee of USD 450. While the scrum master certification cost is higher than PSM and CSM, it is still justified, considering the functionalities on offer.
Fundamental Scrum Certification is not an out-and-out Scrum training course, but it readily prepares you for the other high-end courses, especially the Agile Scrum master certification.
Agile Certified Practitioner is one scrum master certification module that pairs Agile Certification principles with the Scrum practices. For PMI professionals, the ACP examination cost is fixed at USD 435.
You can select any of the Scrum Certifications mentioned above, based on your budget and preferences.

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