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Cisco CCNA Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

· Cisco

For any individual interested in networking and communication, the CCNA course and CCNA certification is a must. Cisco is a well-known name in the field of communication, WebEx, cloud computing, and database management, amongst others. Hence, the certification courses it offers are embraced by all in the Information Technology field.

A Cisco Certified Network Associate certification qualifies the individual to be an expert in the field of installation, design, operate, and switch systems. The Cisco CCNA certification opens up a wide range of career prospects. To know more, read on CCNA.TRAININGThere are many institutes that offer CCNA training. Post pandemic, most of them opt for CCNA courses online. Cisco itself offers guidance, sample papers, and online training courses. 


Cisco offers almost ten CCNA exams. The cost of the same varies from $325 to $600. This includes the CCNA certification cost as well as the exam fee. 


Post obtaining the Cisco CCNA certification, based on the type of certificate (entry-level, associate level, professional, expert, or architect level), there is no loss of choice for individuals to pursue their careers in interesting fields. 

Depending on the experience, level of CCNA certification few common career paths are:

  • Technician Roles
  • Network or telecommunication engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Engineer for systems, network, design, and lead
  • Interface Analyst
  • Interface Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Expert level roles 
  • Architect in network
  • Service provider in networking 
  • Implementer
  • Network security specialist
  • Project Managers and so onAs seen above, the Cisco CCNA certificate adds value to the individual and helps them explore a plethora of career options. In addition, Cisco has exhaustive study material for the CCNA course. The same can be utilized for preparation and to ace the CCNA exams.


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