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Things You Need to Know about Axelos ITIL 4 Certification

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Axelos certification has been identified as a leading practice framework worldwide. Axelos’s IT Informational Library or ITIL 4 Foundation Certification was released on 28th February 2019. ITIL Foundation is the first update in over ten years by Axelos.

Why are these courses so much in demand?

With this highly sought after course: 

  • The practitioners can enhance their business skills and catapult their career growth.
  • Hiring such professionals can increase the companies’ productivity by keeping up with the technology trends.

The new version of ITIL Certification includes:

  • New updated curriculum and content.
  • Lean, agile, DevOps ideas are now included.
  • The brand new end-to-end operating model.
  • Concentration on integration.
  • Foundation of the digital transformation.

New Up-to-Date Content

ITIL v4 has released nine vital principles with the highly-rated Practitioner exam. The leaders can now tailor parts of the ITIL in line with what works best for their businesses to keep their businesses on track. The update of this certification is to align and incorporate IT systems with the rest of the companies to make more value.

Who Can acquire ITIL 4 Certification?

After you undergo Axelos courses, you can get the ITIL 4 Certification to understand the fundamental practices and principles of ITIL. 

  • Suppose you are an IT professional, you can learn about the framework of ITIL and comprehend the process to use it to grow and progress in IT service management. 
  • After you have gone through rigorous 

Axelos training, you will achieve ITIL certification. You have to keep in mind that all the certifications before the update of ILIT are still valid. 

  • Simultaneously, the ITIL v3 examinations, accreditation, and certification are accurate till June 2020. You can also receive your certification via continuing the ITIL course online.

ConclusionYou can take Axelos certification to transition from v3 to v4. It is based on your journey to learn about ITIL, and credits you collected in v3 that you can easily transit to the new schemes.



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