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What You Need To Know About Cisco Certifications

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As the name implies, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is an entry-level IT certification provided by networking hardware company Cisco. By completing the CCNA, you validate your knowledge of basic networking concepts, which are usually required when applying to networking positions in IT.

How to Acquire the CCNA Certification? 

If you want to earn CCNA certification, you will have to pass the Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam. Most importantly, there is no need to have any prerequisites for the exam, but Cisco reports that CCNA candidates usually have a basic knowledge of the following before taking the exam:

  • Basic understanding of Cisco products & solutions acquired over about one year.
  • IP addressing as a basic concept
  • Expertise in network fundamentals

Cisco Certification Levels

Choose a CCNA course online according to your requirements: 

  • Entry-level certifications are for individuals seeking employment as Cisco technicians or field engineers. 
  • The associate level of Cisco certification can prepare you for a career in IT and network technologies. 
  • The professional level of certification emphasizes a specific technology, like software development, enterprise networking, data-center management, or security. 
  • At the expert level, you can be certified in wireless networking, data-center administration, and security.

If you decide to opt for any of these levels, make sure to know the CCNA certification cost. 

Why Pursue a Cisco Certification?

Most large companies, particularly those with sophisticated technology infrastructures, rely on Cisco products. Furthermore, Cisco-certified professionals can demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of these products, giving them an edge when competing for jobs in a competitive environment. That’s why you must opt for a reliable Cisco CCNA certification. 

All in all, there is no question that specialization is a key to securing a higher salary and other benefits for professionals. Such technology experts have years of valuable knowledge that can take decades (and a lot of effort) to gain. Most employers prefer experts with CCNA training and certification.

Thus, do your research to see which certification is the best for you!


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